My Portfolio



2016 – Website redesign for a headphone startup Hefio
2015 – A website design and theme development for a consulting company Cloudriven
2017 – A website redesign for Aeropole


2016 – Automated Facebook post boosting feature video for
2009 – Christmas recording television advertisement (read more)

Brand identities and logos

2011 – A professional flight training company visual identity
2013 – Original design of the superfood Ambro (now Ambronite) identity, with the logo and the first packaging stickers
2015 – A proposed logo design for a business aviation airline
2010 – A logo redesign for an offset printing company

Public Transport

2018 – A map of the feeder bus network connecting to the newly opened West Metro in Espoo. The map gathered a hefty amount of publicity and 100,000 people visited it on its publishing day.
2016 – Greater Helsinki bus line map
2012 – VR City – an imagined brand concept of a frequent service network in Southern Finland
2016 – HSL trunk line schematics for a landscape sticker
2017 – A map of the HSL tram network in August 2017, including extensions up to year 2023.


2009 – A Christmas recording and concerts visual identity
2009 – An identity for a Nordic concert tour of a renowned a cappella ensemble
2008 – An identity for a double concert of a renowned a cappella ensemble
2010 – Design for a drinking song recording
2014–2016 – Design for a Christmas concert
2010 – Design for the Polytech Choir 110th anniversary concert and festivities
Design of an identity for a large concert production of two choirs
2013 – Design for an ensemble production of a female choir and a comedian


2015 – A one-off magazine and a candidate brochure of expert articles for the Greens of Science and Technology
2007–2008 – A magazine of the former student union of the Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University


2015 – A reimagination of a classic 1993 game Master of Orion user interface
2015 – A reimagination of a classic 1993 game Master of Orion user interface
2015 – An infographic about all the costs and taxes of private car traffic.